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Jessica's Custom Cake Pops
Types of Pops

-Round pops are cake balls dipped in melted candy coating. Round pops can be sprinkled with sanding sugar in your favorite color, or decorated with your favorite sprinkles - rainbow jimmies, sugar pearls, hearts, flowers - just to name a few! 

-Rounds are $20 for the first dozen and $15 for each additional dozen


-Shaped pops are molded cake balls in your chosen shape. If you can think of a critter you'd like to make into a cake pop, I can probably do it for you! Some shaped pops I've done before include cats, snowmen, trees, and hats.

-Shapes will add $1-$2 to each pop, depending on the complexity. Call for information on your desired shape.

Display Options

Plain Baker's Box:

-A plain white baker's box is great if you plan on giving pops as a favor and not displaying them.
-No charge for a baker's box!


-Buckets are available all year in solid and seasonal colors, and they can be matched to your pop theme.
-Small buckets are $1.50 and will fit 12 pops
-Large buckets are $3.00 and will fit 24 pops

Painted display bases:

-Painted display bases are a great way to make your pops POP! They are tiered like a cake, but made from custom-painted styrofoam to provide a secure platform for your pops.
-Round or square bases available
-2 bases (small and medium tiers) are $15
-3 bases (small, medium, and large tiers) are $30
Contact Us
Want to learn how to make cake pops like a pro?

Anyone can learn how to make a cake pop; it just takes practice and my Cake Pops 101 class. If you live in the Atlanta area, come on by my kitchen to play!

My Cake Pops 101 class lasts about 3 hours. The cost is $100 and includes all the materials you'll need. Just bring yourself and your favorite apron.(And a bottle of wine if you're feeling sassy!) The cost can be split by up to 6 people, so it's a great girls' day out idea! Plus, you'll get to go home with your creations!

Cake Pops 101